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  • Exploring AI’s Impact on Jobs: Task-Based Analysis

    Uncover how AI reshapes systems engineering by analyzing its impact on specific tasks. Learn how to adapt to these changes for increased productivity.

  • Some Thoughts on MBE for Digital Threads

    This discussion emphasizes the importance of data-based engineering in the context of model-based (system) engineering, particularly in developing digital threads. Key principles proposed include prioritizing the system over data, integration over data islands, and data over visualization and documents. 5-minute read: On MBE for Digital Threads Summary The “data” in context refers to that used…

  • Domain-Specific Languages explained for Stakeholders

    Imagine you’re in a bustling professional kitchen. The heat, the noise, the coordinated chaos. This is a lot like software development, and you’re about to see why. Get your introduction to the concept and benefits of Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs). It’s quite a topic, but this culinary journey will make it, well, digestible. 5-minute read: Domain-Specific…

  • Tool Styles for Architecture

    Scale architecture on enterprise and system level

  • How to use OCL

    Use expressions in models and validation