Some Thoughts on MBE for Digital Threads

This discussion emphasizes the importance of data-based engineering in the context of model-based (system) engineering, particularly in developing digital threads. Key principles proposed include prioritizing the system over data, integration over data islands, and data over visualization and documents.

Schematic Tool Grid

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On MBE for Digital Threads


The “data” in context refers to that used in information systems contributing to the digital thread, more specifically, data in tools located within an engineering architecture framework along vertical and horizontal dimensions. Several tools are involved in this framework, each serving different functions and dimensions. For instance, MagicDraw refines budget-level vehicle functions into product use cases, while Codebeamer provides product requirements that help shape these use cases.

The integration of these tools creates a grid that needs to be extended to account for other aspects such as the publication of model data and the development of test cases. While bundling combination cells into fewer tools like PLM can simplify this process externally, similar integration still occurs internally. Ultimately, this integrated tool grid should ideally reflect the productive systems, reinforcing the necessity of an integrated approach.

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