As a method engineer I want to synchronize data in tools involved in the software development process in agile projects like

  • Jira for requirements and task management
  • MagicDraw for system engineering
  • Confluence for documentation
  • Xray plugin for Jira for testing

Your job will be programming of interfaces and mapping of data formats for tool integration.

Essential skills / infrastructure for remote working

  • English (fluent; everything will be discussed, described and programmed in English)
  • Adequate Internet access
  • Secured laptop (encrypted hard drive)
  • Practical knowledge with Bitbucket / GitHub cloud-based code repositories
  • Access to Teams or similar conferencing tools
  • Practical knowledge with VS Code or similar IDEs

Core programming skills

  • Java + Python
  • RESTful web services
  • JSON + XML

Extended programming skills (bonus)

  • Template engines like Apache Velocity and Jinja2
  • APIs of modeling tools like MagicDraw
  • APIs of collaboration tools like Jira and Confluence
  • XMI as XML dialect for UML

Thinking skills

  • Thinking in solutions
    • You like to organize solution snippets so that requirements can be solved faster in the future
    • You know your design and programming patterns so similar requirements are solved in similar ways
    • You understand software architecture so that we do not end up with Spaghetti code
  • Curiosity
    • You ask and do your research until requirements are clear
    • You are eager to solve issues and problems
    • You love time-boxed working and feel good with raising issues that need more time
  • Motivation
    • You love to improve a little every day so you become an expert over the years
    • Money is an important factor, but it’s not your only motivation
    • You love to play with and learn new stuff so you stay up to date

What you can expect

  • Fair and flexible working conditions
  • Positive agile working model
  • Pragmatic help when there are problems
  • Valuable skills development

If this is you or you can see yourself getting there, then please contact me.