My Service for You


  • As expert for IT portfolio I help you transform your Business IT into a market-leading organization.
    You as CIO or director in IT get quality results, full independence, and loyalty.
  • I improve effectiveness, quality, and sustainability while reducing complexity and costs of your IT.
    You as CIO or director in IT get a better decision base boosting success and reducing costs.
  • I improve your business strategy with the best possible IT strategy.
    You as CIO or director in IT get identified pain points and a road map for their elimination.
  • Get all stakeholders on board – improve acceptance – promised!


  • consulting per time and material or agile fixed price
  • adequate mix of on-site and remote delivery like off-site preparation / on-site workshop / off-site wrap-up
  • autonomous and structured mode of operation


  • Across enterprises, IT departments, and projects of different sizes
  • With stakeholders like business, IT management, IT governance, development, operations
  • Classic role models and agile set ups like DevOps, BizDevOps
  • Involving relevant roles like sponsors, business experts, product owners, project managers, quality managers, security managers, architects, designers, test managers, roll-out managers
  • Strategical, tactical, and operational

Methods & Tools

Enterprise / project / system architecture management

  • EA maturity check
  • EA road map
  • EA tool evaluation
  • Implement & extend IT processes
  • Developing principles, guidelines, standards & best practices
  • Answer questions like: “Which building blocks of our landscape are in scope if we want to upgrade Java client runtime library from version N to version N+1?”
  • Develop to-be architecture & master plan
  • Adapt standards like CoBIT and TOGAF to the needs of your circumstances

Development process

  • Shape a development method to your needs and integrate your roles, data & tools
  • Method engineering, customization and tool integration
  • Model-driven documentation, development & testing
  • Data integration for salesforce, MagicDraw models, Sharepoint, Confluence, JIRA, ETL

Hall of Fame